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Minutes to complete most schedules (even double elimination brackets)
Free Tournament Bracket Scheduler Included
Allows for team preferences for fields, times, and days
Helps avoid embarrassing scheduling mistakes
Works For All Sports!


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Dear League and Tournament Schedule Maker,

I know you are busy this time of year, so I'll keep this short.

MatchMaker Schedule Maker is a powerful, simple-to-use league scheduling and tournament bracket scheduler application designed to provide schedule makers with the capability to schedule and keep track of all their leagues and tournaments.  Whether you are managing a soccer tournament bracket, softball tournament bracket, or even a youth baseball double elimination bracket tournament, you'll schedule them quickly and effortlessly with MatchMaker League Scheduler.

MatchMaker is the smart way to schedule your leagues and divisions along with any tournament bracket. You can also maximize field and court usage, track team payments, balance your leagues automatically for fairness, and much more ... all with the MatchMaker Game Scheduler!

MatchMaker is designed to make the very difficult task of sports league scheduling and creating double elimination brackets as easy as pie.  We have been providing scheduling services to our customers since 1988 with thousands of installs and customers all over the world from rugby leagues in Australia to squash leagues in Zimbabwe.

Does It Sound Complicated? It's NOT!
We Make League Scheduling and Tournaments Easy

In fact, the MatchMaker Game Scheduling Program is very simple for anyone to use. D&P Software provides your ultimate solution for avoiding embarrassing scheduling mistakes!  Even creating double elimination tournament brackets is easy.

With the MatchMaker League Scheduler System, you'll finally know all the details about your leagues, divisions, tournaments, teams, players, and referees. You'll always be on top of important information like:

  •   Where each team is scheduled to play
  •   Who is leading in the league standings
  •   Where there are available fields or courts
  •   When each team is scheduled to play
  •   Who is in charge of each team along with their contact information

You'll know absolutely everything you need to know about your leagues, teams, fields and courts -- simply by letting our affordable, user-friendly software keep you organized! It's everything you'll ever need... and it will save you time and money!

Use MatchMaker League Scheduler to schedule the following types of contests of any size:

  •   Soccer Tournaments
  •   Youth Baseball Tournaments
  •   Softball Tournaments
  •   Everyone creating a double elimination bracket tournament

MatchMaker Benefits

MatchMaker Saves Time!

  •   Most leagues and tournaments take minutes to schedule using our wizard-style interface.
  •   Change your schedules effortlessly (especially rainouts)

MatchMaker Reduces Complaints!

  •   Schedules are balanced for fairness across times, dates, locations
  •   Allows for team preferences of fields and times

MatchMaker is an All-In-One Product!

  •   Schedules BOTH leagues and all types of tournaments (including pool play, double elimination bracket tournament, soccer tournament scheduling, and world cup style scheduling)
  •   Works for ALL sports
  •   Allows you to put your leagues, single elimination tournament, double elimination tournament, pool play tournament and league standings on the Web
  •   Keep track of your coaches and players along with their payments

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MatchMaker has dozens of powerful features.  Here are just a few of the major ones in a handy chart to give you a snapshot of its capability.


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Easy seven step Scheduling Assistant makes scheduling even simpler than before.
Is easy enough that anyone could generate complete schedules!
Puts Schedules and Tournaments on your WWW Site!
Uses a simple tabbed interface to enter information
Generates Team, Location, and Financial Reports
Rotates Leagues Over Times and/or Locations
Accounts for Team Preferences when Scheduling
Handles Rainouts Effortlessly
Creates Round Robin schedules
Creates Single, Double, or Pool Play Tournaments
Keeps track of Player and Team Payments
Creates Blank Double Elimination Tournament Bracket
Creates Individual Team Schedules
Tracks Team and Individual Payments
Prints Field Usage Reports
Customizable for any Word Processor or Spreadsheet
Prints all Reports to Printer, File or HTML Document
Schedule umpires/officials
Extensive export options and reports.
Record wins/losses then view, print and export league standings
Unlimited number of teams per league UP TO 16 TEAMS PER LEAGUE
Unlimited number of teams per tournament UP TO 16 TEAMS PER TOURNEY
Facility Management NA NA
Administer Facility Websites NA NA
Product Pricing US $199.95 US $499.95 SEE WEB SITE

Tech Support

Our support sets us apart from our competition.  We have been in the scheduling business since 1988, so we know how to serve our customers. 

The best way to get support is via e-mail ... It's much faster than on the phone, so please e-mail first. CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL SUPPORT

Screen Shots

MatchMaker is designed to make the very difficult task of scheduling sports leagues and tournament brackets as easy as pie.  We have been providing scheduling services to our customers since 1988 with thousands of installs and customers all over the world from rugby leagues in Australia to squash leagues in Zimbabwe.
Easy To Use Tabbed Interface: Getting to your information is quick and easy with MatchMaker Sports Scheduler.  View and modify leagues, teams, players, officials and schedules with the click of a mouse.  
View More >>
Control Your Team Information: Multiple methods for finding notes: visually, by time, categories, automatic labeling and keywords, complete with matching note count. All found keywords are highlighted in yellow. View More >>
Allow Teams Their Preferences: There are always those teams may not prefer to play at certain times that you have scheduled for your league.  MatchMaker allows you to give them preferences for days of the week, times played, and locations.  View More >>
Paint By Number Scheduling: Scheduling is as easy as painting your leagues in your facility spots until the slots left column becomes zero.  Leagues are numbered and color coded for easy identification.  View More >>
Reports: MatchMaker has a wide variety of league, team, and facility reports that can be printed to any printer, saved to Excel or Word, or saved as a web page.
View More >>
Scheduling Efficiency Analysis: There are few programs that let you see the efficiency of your schedules.  MatchMaker will let you how well your leagues are balanced and how well the times and locations are distributed.
View More >>
blank double elimination tournament bracket, soccer tournament Tournaments: Included in MatchMaker is a state-of-the-art tournament scheduler.  You can view advancements, set scores, change dates, times, and locations and more.  Tournaments size is unlimitedView More >>

"MatchMaker League Scheduler makes it virtually effortless to manage, schedule, and report league games and tournaments.  Its tournament scheduler is unsurpassed." red81.gif (1384 bytes)
ZDNET Software Review
  "D&P Software’s MatchMaker has been a scheduler’s dream come true. The time that we have saved with MatchMaker has freed us up to focus on more people related tasks."
Max Floyd
Intramural Director
Wake Forest University
  "I am not sure how I got by before I used MatchMaker.  We are a large soccer organization that has hundreds of players to organize.  MatchMaker's ability to allow my teams their scheduling preferences sets it apart from all other programs.  The ability to print a team's league schedule and a tournament bracket to the Web has been a real timesaver.  This is the first year no one has complained about their schedule."
D.P., Michigan
  "We have been using All-Pro and Tournament Scheduler Pro.  Their lack of ability to control the fields more closely, like preferred fields and inter-divisional play has caused us problems. We play 1 interdivisional game for every 2 in-division games, and have no ability to automatically schedule rainouts without disrupting the current schedule. These shortcomings make using All-Pro and Tournament Scheduler Pro more trouble than it is worth.  MatchMaker has really simplified our work."
M.K., Colorado   

See how easy it can be.  

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